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The SCFMS is a member of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS)

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 2020 Web Site Contest Results


1st Place:  Margaret Kilanski, East Texas Gem and Mineral Society

also Second Place in AFMS contest


2nd Place: Gordon C. Galligher, Paleontological Society of Austin

also Honorable Mention in AFMS contest


3rd Place: Harry Senn, Waco Gem and Mineral Club


2021 web Site Contest - Complete

Results will be announced at SCFMS Convention


2022 Web Site Contest - the date and location for the 2022 Convention has changed. Expect entries to the 2022 Contest to be due in early 2022


The contest is more than just winning. The primary purpose of the Web Site Contest is to improve your web site to make it more meaningful to web site visitors and club members. Each Web Master that enters will receive constructive comments from judges outside the SCFMS about the strengths and areas of your web site that could be improved. Most of the areas that need improvement are easily implemented.